Thermodynamic Hologram

Heat energy transferred out of a system without Work or by any other means according to the Laws of Thermodynamics.

Industrial application of Thermal Holograms for Yogurt Facility Cooling

Watch the video on the link for validation using Infrared laser gun. This was done over a period of a week at a Dannon Yogurt facility in Utah. The thermal equilibrium of the 10 story high, 1300 square foot building was lowered to the point that 3 out of 4 cooling compressors shut down because they were no longer needed.

Quantum Field Transformation of Molecules

Heat is a function of the vibrational rate of the molecules or elements of a system. From Wikipedia: ” Heat is thermal energy associated with temperature-dependent motion of particles. The microscopic thermal energy is stored, transported, and transformed by the principal energy carriers: phonons, electrons, fluid particles, and photons… Thermophysical properties of matter and the kinetics of interaction and energy exchange among the principal carriers are based on the atomic-level configuration and interaction.[1] Transport properties such as thermal conductivity are calculated from these atomic-level properties using classical and quantum physics. Quantum states of principal carriers (e.g.. momentum, energy) are derived from the Schrödinger equation (called first principle or ab initio) and the interaction rates (for kinetics) are calculated using the quantum states and the quantum perturbation theory (formulated as the Fermi golden rule). Variety of ab initio (Latin for from the beginning) solvers (software) exist (e.g., ABINIT, CASTEP, Gaussian, Q-Chem, Quantum ESPRESSO, SIESTA, VASP, WIEN2k). Electrons in the inner shells (core) are not involved in heat transfer, and calculations are greatly reduced by proper approximations about the inner-shells electrons.”

Bio-engineering’s Quantum Field slows down the vibrational rate, ergo the system gets cooler.

In the image shown below the Glycol coolant flowing through the system, with the cooler 1000′ from the output, was running at 25ºF. So how did we get to 2.5ºF????????

Home Application Review

“Purchased the Thermodynamic holograms, one for each window in my house. My house is pre- 1900, original windows and older storms. It was mid winter and I had already caulked them for the season. There was a family member, very familiar with my house, living there at the time. I taped a hologram in the middle of each window and didn’t say anything until a week or so later. Then I asked if they noticed any difference. They said, yes. They said the house was cozier. And that the furnace was coming on less. I asked if they had noticed a change in the noise level, and they thought about it a moment, and said, “Well, yes, the cars going by are less loud” (my old house is about 24 feet from a moderately-travelled neighborhood road) And yes, I agree. A huge improvement!” Cathy in Great Barrington