SmartMeter EMF Block

EMF Block Hologram significantly reduces EMFs from Smart Meters.

See the video linked below to get a view of what our technology can do to protect you and your family.

In the video, the Hologram was sent to the client’s phone as a Text Image, then the phone was aimed at the Smart Meter. In a typical application, the physical Hologram ‘sticker’ is applied to the Smart Meter on the bottom, then covered with some protective tape.

This same Hologram can be used inside your electrical Breaker Box to cancel out the harmful EMFs running in your house wiring.

And these are the frequencies loaded into our Quantum Field Broadcast Array.

EMF Block Hologram as Phone Wallpaper

With the EMF Block function, the hologram image mounted as Wallpaper significantly reduces the hazardous EMFs coming off the phone itself. See the short video below.
This EMF Block function is included with our Quantum Holo-Immune hologram.