Quantum Holo-Immune

  Quantum Holo-Immune is Bio-Engineering Inc’s response to the Global PanicDemic. There does not seem to be a clearly documented, peer reviewed, etiology for whatever it is that allegedly people are dying from. Is it 5G EMFs??? A recent paper on the statistical analysis of correllation would suggest this is a serious consideration. Study-of-correlation-coronavirus-5G-Bartomeu-Payeras-i-Cifre

Is it a lab generated virus??? Is the pulmonary response due to atmospheric contaminants??? Is it  fear based Belief that Manifests as Illness that you get from watching TV news (bigger your screen the worse it gets? “What you Fear will Appear”) Or all of the above???

It is not our function to evaluate the decrees of WHO, NIH, FDA, or any other global alphabet agency dictating what you Need to Believe is going on out there. It is not our function to tell you to rip off those masks and go outside for some sunlight D3 generation. We are not going to publish the OSHA report advising against masks since Oxygen reduction combined with recycling your own native viral anti-bodies can lead to the virus re-manifesting. We are not going publish Dr. Fauci’s report from back in March recommending against wearing masks. This is just not our job. There is so much alternate media information available on what is going on it would take a 200 page website to post it all. So do your own homework.

Given the several possibilities for the etiology of the varied presenting symptoms, what we have done is include our EMF block quantum fields, our anti-smog/pollution quantum fields, and the quantum fields digital signature of a plethora of nutritional supplements known to strengthen the immune system. We have also included the signatures of homeopathic ingredients.

We have distributed at least 1800 of the physical ‘sticker’ holograms and probably 200 or so of the digital image hologram (that you mount as Wallpaper on your phone or iPad) We have not seen any Side Effects or Contraindications throughout a varied demographic test population (mostly in the 70’s or so age group using the hologram ‘sticker’ on the back of the phone.

Based on a few successful university lab studies using the physical ‘sticker’ hologram on SARS, HIV, H1N1 and a few other samples, the FDA has been reviewing the product for Emergency Use Authorization for the past six months. They know damn well it works but that would conflict with the current MSM agenda. Wouldn’t it?

Have we been able to demonstrate these Quantum Holographic fields against any cases of the alleged CoVid19 virus? It has been really difficult to find any people presenting symptoms that can be isolated to the alleged virus. We actually found one and here’s the story link: https://bio-engineeringinc.com/quantum-holo-immune-vs-covid-positive/

This is one reason that we have included the Fuels Enhancement & Toxins Removal frequencies. Try it out on your vehicle if you don’t believe these technologies work. Then if you are really worried about the PanicDemic, tuck the sticker inside the impact case of your phone and/or mount the image as Wallpaper. These stickers can be applied directly to your fuel tank or as close as you can get it (8″ or less recommended) get another one and stick that on your electrical breaker box door so that the quantum field broadcasts throughout your wiring system and beams out all your lights, esp. LEDs.

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