Hologram on Cell Phone Works!

I’m a college student in southern Massachusetts. My girlfriend and I lived in my Dad’s house here. The evening after she took off back to Arizona for the winter, I started feeling really ill, my Dad too. The next day we were way worse. And scared. My Dad took us to the local clinic for a CoVid swab test and it came back positive. I had to just stay in bed all day. I called my girlfriend in Arizona crying, I was so scared.

She is staying with her Mom and Grandfather. When she told them about my condition they said, “send her the hologram and put it on her phone”. So I did that as wallpaper. Maybe about 6 or so hours later, I started to feel a little better, next day more better and I could eat something. Day after that, I felt pretty good again and none of the TV news symptoms at all. My Dad didn’t do it and he stayed sick for a week.

It all sounded so crazy to get a pic on text that would help me. But I was scared so it was worth the try.  My girlfriend had the holo on her phone and she wasn’t sick at all. BTW, she recently tested Negative. Dee Amanda, New Bedford