Quantum Field Digital Delivery of Homeopathic Supplements

Bio-engineering Inc., over the course of 17 years, has developed a vast array of Quantum Field Homeopathic ‘energy signatures’ for health enhancement.

Far too numerous to list here individually, just feel secure that “we got you covered”. Best procedure is to aim the Hologram, either as hardcopy or digital image on screen, at a glass of water, juice or whatever for 3-5 minutes. Then drink the liquid. Same procedure will apply to the physical hologram ‘sticker’.

We can refer to the work of Nobel Prize laureate Luc Montagnier. For Prof. Luc Montagnier, water has the ability to reproduce the properties of any substance it once contained. Water would have the ability to retain a memory of the properties of the molecules.

Given Prof. Luc Montagnier’s hypothesis, once the water in your glass has been exposed to the Quantum Homeopatic fields, those substance energies will be transferred and absorbed by your body once you consume the liquid. Similarly, exposing the water in your body to the Quantum Fields directly will have the same result. What Luc Montagnier has demonstrated, Bio-engineering Inc. has taken to a Quantum Leap.

“Water is quantum coherent under ordinary conditions, according to a quantum electrodynamics field theory that may explain many of its most paradoxical properties including life itself.” Dr. Mae-Wan Ho

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Vaccine Mechanism

The image above outlines the mechanism employed by vaccines aimed at virus response in the body. OK, so what are we looking at really?

In the simplest terms via analogy of rampant fires, the vaccine is starting a fire in your immune system so that when new fuel for the fire is introduced, i.e. SARsCOV2, the new fuel is consumed more rapidly because the normal immune response system is running in high gear. But what is the trigger mechanism for this fire? And if we are not exposed to the virus, do we really need it?

And what’s wrong with our normal immune system response? The innate immune response forms the first line of defense against invading pathogens. Innate immunity includes barriers and a variety of cells and molecules that are part of the rapid response to threats to our health.



Normal Immune System Response

The basis of your immune system starts in the gut. Are you eating GMO sourced food? Has your food source been compromised by toxins? Are there enough natural minerals in your food source to internally generate the required antibodies? Are you supplementing with Vitamins and Antioxidants? Or just sticking with “Comfort” Junk Food?

So OK, you are either too lazy or in too much of a hurry to eat properly; we get that. Bio-engineering Inc. has incorporated a vast collection of the Quantum Field energy signatures for immune system support. We have done the best that we can but the rest is really up to you.

What you Believe has a tremendous impact on how your Body/Mind relates to your environment. IMHO, your first line of defense is avoid Mainstream Media alleged NEWS.

Many informed people have implied a link between 5G EMFs and the alleged virus. In response to the global PanicDemic, we at Bio-engineering Inc. have included our Quantum Digital Supplements (Quantum Holo-Immune) package into our EMF hologram as a Freebie. We can’t go into much detail here or the F-DeeA could come down on us.

This really is a tremendous deal and just might save you from spending a few days in bed ‘sicker than a dog’. I actually had the PanicDemic flu back in early March after our small town was inundated by Asian bio-tourrorists. Yeah, I felt pretty bad for four days (didn’t stop working though); but that is what inspired us to formulate this broad spectrum Quantum Field supplements mix.