Radiation Reducer Golden Plasma Download




This product was a joint effort between G. Patrick Flanagan and Thunder, in response to the detection of high altitude radiation ‘fallout’ from Fukushima disaster.

What’s your anti radiation solution? Hide under a desk? Wear a moon suit? Don’t eat Pacific ocean fish? The best place to start your anti radiation regime is on the energetic level.
We can affect the information field around the matter, information tells matter how to behave.Simply place the Golden Plasma hologram next to your person throughout the day, and charge your water and food with the technology.
The hologram contains quantum energy software programs in a frequency format that SHIFTS (or instructs) the subtle energy field of the radioactive material, basically rendering it chemically inert. Add this technology to your anti radiation wellness regime of Zeolite, Potassium Iodide, and baking soda. The nuclear material does not go away anytime soon. So the soil, water, air, and LIFE are still greatly affected by the daily compound effects of radiation. This is not mentioned in full disclosure at all on public TV and radio air waves, as to the significance of this mini meltdown.


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