LED Shower Head with JedEye


Healthy hair and skin with Quantum Field LED shower head. Your hair and skin will love you for this unit. The LED transmits the Quantum Fields from the JedEye over your entire body. It feels AMAZING!!!



Healthy hair and skin with Quantum Field LED shower head. LED Lighted Shower Head with the JedEye hologram mounted on it. Your hair and skin will LOVE you for this unit. Easy to install, use Teflon tape on the pipe threads.

Who doesn’t love shower time?  I thought this shower head would be too distracting, but it isn’t.  I love it!  Not only is it adorable with the cheerful colors and a built-in water turbine generator, but I feel extra relaxed and rejuvenated and somehow even cleaner!  Must be the awesome healing JedEye frequencies carried by both the LEDs and water coming straight to me. -Cathy
Start your Quantum day this way with structured shower and a full spectrum LED that’s packed with our intrinsic code sets. A perfect storm! – Thunder

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 4 × 4 in


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