Beauty + Anti-Pain


This hologram started out as simply a beauty facial enhancement. Then we thought, what about stress pain lines in the face? so lets put the anti-pain holo in with it.

Try it you’ll like it. It will handle pain and stress wherever in your body.



“Listen, I’ve just drunk a glass of distilled water which I had energized with the Hologram and seriously I’ve just had the most amazing thing happen. Before drinking the water which did taste a little different, I was attending to my younger brother and was wincing in pain. I drank the water slowly whilst looking into the holo ….  I hadn’t finished the very large glass of water and found that when I passed the glass over to my younger brother, I did so without pain I had 10m before.”

“thank you so much for assisting and Thunder, I thank you too because after the meditation on the holo today and drinking the water which was energized by the live digital hologram, I moved without pain … it feels a little tender but I don’t feel like I wish to vomit, my internals feel relaxed and I’m  moving about so much easier now, …. soooooo happy!   I will keep in touch & Thank you for this holo”



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