JedEye Light Warrior

G. Patrick Flanagan Sensor II and Pi Ray vortex fields combined with Platinum metals negative energy  protection coatings. Stone of Heaven ORME energy fields function to open the Ida/Pingala Chi Kundalini gates. Quantum signatures captured and stored on hologram substrate.


The energy field properties of the Flanagan Sensor II, Pi Ray and Priestess Alchemy Stone of Heaven have been well documented over the many years of their existence. Laboratory experimentation with combined Platinum Group Metals as coatings (Palladium over Gold over Copper) on Sensor II and mixed Platinum blacks on Pi Ray have proven the effectiveness of these metals to “provide a shielding effect against Negative Energies and Entities” Jeshua from Love Without End. When I mentioned these effects to Sir Laurence Gardner, his reply was, “yes of course, The House of David were Platinum metallurgist for 5000 yrs for this very purpose.”

The Stone of Heaven contains all of these Platinum Group Elements in both the ORME and metallic states.

How it Evolved

Lately, given the anxiety regarding the Luciferians taking over the USA, I have been bemoaning the loss of our dear friend G. Patrick Flanagan. ‘where’s Patrick when we need him the most?’ On my return from a grocery mission, “Use the Force Luke, use the Force” kept popping into my head. Getting back to my computer, these same parts were stacked up under my iMac screen for energy protection, literally, for years. Most recently, our local Shaman research consultant Chandra (, had been using the black Pi Rays to deal effectively with some very dark energies in her condo complex down the fairways. OK, so we know that works. Then, ‘wait a minute. What if I ship all these parts to Thunder and he inputs the quantum fields into a hologram?’ Chandra had been using our Quantum Holo-Immune sticker wrapped around a laser body to beam the quantum fields at a distance (200yds so far on antenna); also using the laser for closer healing work. So what do you get if we take the JedEye hologram, wrap that on a laser? A Light Saber. Look out Darth Vader we’re armed now.

Bringing the image up on your phone screen will enable a similar function as the light from your screen transmits the Quantum Fields up to a measured distance of 30′.

Just a Silly Cartoon???????

Or are we watching it in real time? Planned out over 20 years ago? And What is the Real Agenda?

Golden Eagle Holo as the JedEye Base

The following list of functionality healing codes incorporated into the original Golden Eagle holo and now imbued into the JedEye upgrade makes this hologram the most powerful tool for healing on physical, mental and ‘spiritual’ energy planes.

Aim at water or beverage for at least 2 minutes.

Click here for the complete text list of functionalities.

Initial Reviews on JedEye Digital Download

“Jesus dude, the power output on that one’s watts is off the scalar gravidic charts! Makes the hair on the BACK of head stand up! Wild! It has a palpable static field charge coming from my computer email screen! My hair is positively electrified.” Half-Elf Wizard, Oahu

“This is Chandra from Sanco Via The hologram – WOW!

Friekin awesome!
Flanagan is super pleased and says this far surpasses all other holograms. And yes, I get that he was influential indeed.
Oh yes, more on the Jedi hologram. Maybe to much to text.

But almost like the Stone of Heaven you gave me – my hands want to collect this hologram frequency – condense it or fractionate it some how and then be able to throw it to transmute D energies.”

“This was an amazing experience. Within a minute of placing the hologram on my iPhone, 3 feet in front of the third eye, I felt a surge in the pineal gland.” Tony Franchitto. Starship Gaia.

“Regina got her pendant 💫
She’s in love it.
Her third Eye opened again, but this time with color streams coming through. She says this is a first for her.
Her heart is also very activated.”

Jedeye on Violet Laser + Stone

“”Here’s a report on the Stone of Heaven with 503nm purple laser with JedEye hologram wrapped on it for about five minutes from Chandra our pro Shaman in the neighborhood.

“What I felt and heard:
The laser changed the chemical properties In the Stone – moving it into a higher octave of “circuitry”

The Stone was in my hand – I felt it morph out of its physical form. As this happened I felt my brain circuitry shift – not sure how to describe this shift other than it felt like new pathways formed to higher dimensions.

I took a five minute break and then Next I placed the Enochian with Jedeye holo on it. This brought me into a state of “realization” and heard the words “this will help humans with Self Realization and a visceral experience of realization”.

“Wheeew – let me know if this makes sense and what you think.”
“Time exposure 5-6 minutes is plenty
Good question but I do feel it stays in the Stone”
“Last night I woke up to the stone emanating violet light and the whole room turned violet.”

“I feel like occipital lobe is lit up and sense the upper chakras over head: all 13. Right/left hemispheres both lit up”

Mike Adams Health Ranger Xylitol Crystal 4G Test

This is a very interesting video experimet by Mike Adams testing the exposure of Xylitol crystal formation against 4G.

JedEye underneath Xylitol Crystallization 5G WiFi and 5G Cell Signals

This is a 10X Macro pic of the Xylitol crystallization. The crystals were overlapping but it has the same circular radii as Mike’s without the 4G. I’ll try it again to get a single crystal pic.