Garden Grow Fertilizer/Germination Hologram

Increase Plant, Crop & Flower Yields while Charging your irrigation water or your spray bottle with this frequency fertilizer plant elixir. The energetic programs in this hologram have been shown to enhance optimal plant yield, while increasing plant nutrient uptake from the soil and/or water that the plant is immersed in.

This hologram can be placed in and near the garden and or charge the water the plants are given to boost your plant production of food, flowers or herbs. Living plants have shown to be enhanced by using this amazing technology. Frequency Fertilizer increases plant growth yields. Use this large 2”x6” hologram to charge irrigation water or spray water for any type of plant. The embedded programs within this hologram increase the nutrient uptake from the soil and water surrounding the plant. We boost plant production of food, flowers and herbs by charging the water with this hologram.

Germination rate % has also been shown to increase.

Garden Grow Digital Download

Similar to how the Fuels hologram can charge a fuel tank, the Garden Grow hologram as a phone image can be used to charge your plant water in the container or shine the image directly on your favorite plants. Increased growth of leaf mass and crystals density is to be expected from results shown so far from the physical hologram.
We are completely out of stock of the ‘stickers’ ever since so many states went to legal growing last election. Ergo, digital download is your only option for now.