Fuels Enhancement & Toxins Removal

By enhancing the character of the fuels themselves, more complete combustion results in a cleaner exhaust. In fact, polluted air entering the combustion system will be processed in the flow and will clean the atmosphere simply by running your engine.

Solution to Pollution

By enhancing the combustion coefficients of fuels, including Gasoline, Ethanol, Diesel, Bio-Diesel, Jet Fuel, Propane, Natural Gas, Coal, etc. The fuels burn more completely thereby releasing fewer toxins into the atmosphere. Furthermore, hydrocarbon molecules contain Oxygen which is then released into the atmosphere contributing to the overall Oxygen content. As polluted air enters your engine, it becomes cleaner as the toxins are removed when it passes through your Solution to Pollution system.

How Does It WorK?

Solution to Pollution Hologram deletes exhaust emissions by pre-treating 78 toxic chemicals in petrochemical fuel.
Miles Per Gallon has been reported to INCREASE up to 33% in most cases of gasoline fueled engines (20% is average) and up to 40% in diesel engines for vehicles that are in good working condition. Hydrocarbons to 0 and Carbon Monoxide levels go to 0.00

Sticker Hologram Installation

Before installing the fuel chip hologram sticker on the tank, take note of the smell coming from the exhaust. Almost all vehicles will have a distinct smell of fuel fumes coming from the tailpipe.

The fuel programmed hologram needs to be mounted within 8″ of the fuel tank. Sometimes the easiest place is underneath your rear car mat, above the fuel tank. Adhering the hologram to the fuel tank itself is recommended. We usually stick the hologram onto a piece of duct tape then apply the duct tape to a protected area of the tank that has been cleaned of dust and grease with rubbing alcohol; protected meaning not directly on the bottom of the tank where it could become damaged by bottoming out.
To locate the vehicle’s fuel tank, look under the fuel intake and you will generally see the tank, though sometimes it’s on the other side. Look for a tank suspended by two metal straps to the chassis. If you see a flat-metal plate covering the entire area you have a skid plate. Have an authorized mechanic show you where the fuel tank is, or research your model online. If there are two fuel tanks, as in a BMW or semi-trucks you will need two fuel chip devices.
Allow 3-5 minutes for the fuel to become “programmed” to the new frequencies. Most cars will experience a slight lowering of the idle nearly instantly. After revving the engine for about 30 seconds to a minute, in order to use up untreated fuel in the line, observe the quality of the exhaust from the tailpipe.
Bio-Engineering Reduced Emissions Device comes in two formats: an instant digital download that you simply point toward the fuel tank or our hologram sticker that you place within 8 inches of the fuel tank. The sticker has the advantage that the fuel is automatically charged with each tank refill.

Digital Hologram Fuels Tank Treatment

After Downlooading the digital hologram. Save it to your iPhone Photos or Android Gallery. Now go into Settings and set the Display time to 5 minutes.

Start the engine and let it warm up for a few minutes. Now check the RPMs. Go give the exhaust a brief wiff.

Now bring up the hologram image on screen and aim it at the tank directly (preferred) or at least aim at the side of car where the fuel fill is. Let it run for 3-5 minutes. You might notice as time passes that the sound of the engine is a bit slower. At the end of the Quantum Fields transmission time into the fuel, now smell the exhaust. Smell  a bit like a cloes dryer vent?  Great! You did it! You have just contributed the Solution to Pollution to the environment.

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Now your exhaust emissions are greatly reduced and in time, as your engine cleans out accumulated deposits, your gas mileage will improve along with an increase in engine life. The Solution to Pollution hologram reduced your idle RPMs and will help your engine run with lower emissions, possibly even 0.0 while increasing power and performance noticeably. Increase in power and performance will be seen right away, mileage increase on older cars takes a couple oil changes.

The view at Bio-engineering Inc. is that yes, we have positively impacted our environment and also our own well-being. In response we have developed solutions that have the potential to eliminate this threat and in many cases, repair the damage. Bio-Engineering Technology reliably removes toxins from emissions generated by industrial, commercial, and private fossil fuel burning vehicles. Our devices remove a wide range of pollutants including:

Sulfur oxides (SOx) – a chemical compound produced in various industrial processes. Since coal and
petroleum often contain sulfur compounds, their combustion generates sulfur dioxide, and further oxidation of this in the presence of a catalyst forms acid rain.
Nitrogen oxides (NOx) – especially nitrogen dioxide can be seen as the brown haze dome above
or plume downwind of cities and is one of the most prominent air pollutants.
Carbon monoxide (CO) – It is a product by incomplete combustion of fuel such as natural gas, coal or wood.
Hydrocarbons in a variety of forms. And Vehicular exhaust is a major source of carbon monoxide.

The Solution to Pollution Hologram was developed by sampling vehicular tailpipes. The recorded frequencies of the toxins therein were then inverted with processes that are in some ways similar to those commonly used with sine waves, in a way similar to noise cancellation technology.
These steps create a Key Signature that is designed to completely erase or flat-line the frequencies of its target, the toxins. In order to remove toxic vehicular exhaust Bio-Engineering uses a static application requiring no moving parts or batteries. It generates these Key Signature frequencies from a proprietary designed hologram. The frequencies must come into contact within 8 inches of the fuel, so the hologram is attached directly to the surface of the vehicle’s fuel tank, or the digital picture is pointed toward the tank. As the fuel comes in contact with the field, its Key Signature changes to match the new frequency. Quantum Absorption then enables the frequency to affect the remainder of the fuel. The improved fuel now burns completely, while consuming any waste residue left as a result of previous incomplete combustion. The end effect includes reduced emissions, fuel savings, and increased performance.
Bio-Engineering provides that complex solution in a simple way to ensure our future will be sustainable with a clean and healthy atmosphere. Our holograms are a form of digital homeopathy which uses informational code sets of energetic essences embedded into the hologram “chip” that amplifies frequencies you want and need while at the same time renders inert the frequencies you don’t want in your field. Bio-Engineering Holograms have numerous products (codes sets) geared toward whatever area of total wellness you are looking to improve.

Video Data from Snap-On Tools 5 Gas Analyzer

Click the video link below to view the data displayed on the 5 Gas Analyzer as the Fuels hologram does its job on the Snap-On Tools service truck. It’s only 2:40 long so worth the watch for proof positive that the Bio-Engineering technology works on a service truck with 250,000 miles on it.           

Harley Davidson DynoJet Performance Test

Click the video link below for Video Data on Dynamometer tests at Harley Davidson, on new 2015, to evaluate Horsepower and Torque improvement with the Bio-Engineering Fuel hologram. Also, emissions tests on 2011 with 3000 miles.

Fuels Hologram via Instant Digital Delivery

The button below will take you to the order page. Once transaction is completed you will receive the link via email to instanly download the image. You are authorized to load the image to 3 devices eg. phone, iPad, desktop.

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Solution to Pollution Review

“I purchased a 2016 3.6 liter Subaru Outlook with 30,000 miles in September 2019. When purchased, the car was getting 22.1 mpg average, based on the 300 mi delivery trip. (I do not know which route was taken) The car is rated to get 20 city and 27 highway. I applied the Solution to Pollution Hologram and watched the fuel mileage increase. I drive mostly country roads, and some town. The following September, the car is getting 26.5 mpg, nearly a 20% increase.
I love that the emissions are clean and that I’m cleaning the air used in the combustion as I drive around!
A few other observations: This is the second car for which I’ve used this hologram. My first car was older and it took about 3 months for the car to run consistently clean. With my newer and cleaner car, after initial warm up, it ran clean all the time.
It was recommended to change the oil 1000 miles after installation of the hologram. With the hologram, MPG can improve after oil changes, especially the first change after the hologram is installed. Also, MPG is generally decreases somewhat in colder seasons due to additives to gasoline, so not to worry over lower mpg in the winter.
I use the Solution to Pollution text image each time I refuel my oil tank. When I asked my plumber to clean my furnace, he didn’t do it. I asked him why, he said, “Why would I, your furnace is clean.” It had been over a year since it had been cleaned. Nice to have an honest plumber!
I try to take care of my health so I put a Pollution Solution Hologram on the propane intake hose on my kitchen stove. I put it right where the hose connects with the stove. Here’s why:
Propane Burning Byproducts
The bad news is that propane isn’t totally clean burning. It does have some chemical side effects as it burns.
• Carbon monoxide
• Greenhouse gas
• Methane
• Non-methane overall organic carbon
• Nitrous oxide
• Nitrogen oxides
• Particulate matter