Atmospheric Rejuvenation

Most developing nations go on record saying they use Geo-Engineering in the atmosphere to combat global warming. Well Geo-Engineering = CHEM-TRAILS. No not con-trails, that you used to see evaporate in minutes up in the sky. These are Chem-Trails that crises cross the skies over populated areas.

See below pictures of some…Most developing nations go on record saying they use Geo Engineering in the atmosphere to combat global warming. Geo Engineering, known as “Chem Trails,” are the chemical lines lingering above populated areas. Let the frequency programs of Chem-Trail holograms render these chemicals inert within your body. We work on the information field surrounding the chemical, not on the chemical itself.

We strongly recommend learning how to detoxify your body regularly. This product is a great boost in that direction, as an effective shield from the falling contaminants sprayed in the sky.Facts about Geo Engineering: Most common chemical ingredients found within “Chem-Trails” have been laboratory tested and reported containing: Barium, Aluminum, Strontium and recently, Stachybotrys Toxigenic molds. Chem-trails are an air assault on your immune system, nervous system, and well being. The water, soil and food are contaminated as well.

Atmospheric Pollutants

Mount the hologram wherever your house air return is for HVAC or on a quiet house fan that will recirculate your indoor air.

You can also apply the hologram on the inside air intake of your car to purify your air while driving. The hologram has been loaded with frequencies to deal with a variety of atmospheric pollutants besides just for ChemTrails.